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Facts about South Point Student Athletes

Did you know?

All of the 2022-2023 varsity athletic teams were named Scholar Athlete teams by the NCHSAA for maintaining an unweighted 3.1 or above GPA.

All of the 2022-2023 South Point athletic teams had an average unweighted GPA of 3.697.

The 2022 South Point football team had an unweighted GPA of 3.315.

We had 189 athletes who were named individual NCHSAA Scholar Athletes for the fall & winter sports seasons and 114 athletes named individual NCHSAA Scholar Athletes for the spring sports seasons. They maintained a 3.5 or above weighted GPA during their sports season.

The following South Point teams were named NCHSAA Scholar Athlete teams by earning the following GPAs for the 2022-2023 athletic season: Men's Outdoor Track and Field - 3.248; Women's Varsity Soccer - 3.731; Women's Varsity Outdoor Track and Field - 3.713; Women's Varsity Softball - 3.694; Men's Varsity Tennis - 3.967; Varsity Cheerleading - 3.668; Men's Varsity Cross Country - 3.730; Women's Varsity Cross Country - 3.691; Women's Varsity Golf - 4.000; Men's Varsity Soccer - 3.866; Women's Varsity Tennis - 3.856; Women's Varsity Volleyball - 3.846; Men's Varsity Basketball - 3.593; Women's Varsity Basketball - 3.760; Men's Varsity Swimming - 3.731; Women's Varsity Swimming - 3.695; Varsity Wrestling - 3.405; Men's Varsity Baseball - 3.625; Varsity Football - 3.315; Men's Varsity Golf - 3.808.

At the 2022-23 North Carolina High School Athletic Association meeting in Greensboro three South Point teams were named the 2022-23 NCHSAA Scholar Athlete team for their sport. That means that team had the top GPA in the state for their sport: Women's Golf - 4.000 (a 3-way tie); Men's Soccer - 3.866 and Men's Tennis - 3.906.

Eleven of the fourteen junior marshals for the 2023 graduation were Scholar Athletes.

The co-valedictorian and the salutatorian of the class of 2023 were scholar athletes.

On the athletic side, the following 2022-23 athletic teams won Big South Conference championships: Men and Women's Cross Country, Women's Golf, Men's Basketball, Baseball, Men's Tennis, and Women's Soccer.

Finally, the Wells Fargo Cup has become the symbol of overall sports excellence among high schools in North Carolina. Since 1969 the cup has gone to the school in each conference which has the best overall interscholastic sports program in that conference. After winning the Cup in 2021-22, South Point came back and won it in 2022-23 for the Big South 3A Conference

Information compiled by Charlotte Sautner, South Point coach and instructor (retired).