Why are we Red Raiders?

(Please source this information as coming courtesy of the Gaston Gazette and long-time sports writer Richard Walker)

Originally Belmont High School adopted the mascot Cardinals and the school colors of red and black. The Belmont Cardinals played roughly from the 1920's with the school's founding until just after World War II.

Belmont changed their mascot name when Gerald Cortner became coach in 1946. Assistant coach Ebb Gantt, who worked with Cortner, had just returned from World War II, where he'd come in contact with some alumni of Colgate College due to his training he had received while in military service. Colgate's nickname "Raiders" intrigued Gantt, who then convinced Cortner to adopt the name with a small twist - "Red Raiders." The color red was emphasized due to the original mascot Cardinals and the original adopted school colors of red and black.

The Red Raiders name was used in the 1946 season and continued until 1969 with the consolidation of several area teams including Belmont, Cramerton, and Reid high schools into what is now South Point.

The mascot name is a source of pride and inspiration for all graduates of South Point. The high school and community are continuing to honor and celebrate the history and story of Native peoples. The South Point community is working together with the Native American Guardian's Association to preserve and highlight Native identity. For more information, please use the website below.