South Point High School presented its fall sports awards on Tuesday, December 19th at its annual fall sports banquet. The meal was provided by the Big Red Booster Club. Awards were presented for volleyball, cross country, women's golf, women's tennis, men's soccer and football. The evening was presided over by Kent Hyde, South Point Athletic Director.

Listed below are the awards winners.

Jake Alexander - Dr. Wade Breeland Most Valuable Player
Larry Dowdy - Dr. Eddie Lineberger Best Blocker
Matthew Robinson - Belmont Drug Co-Best Defense
Nathan Hamilton - Belmont Drug Co-Best Defense
Ray Grier - Shelia M. Rollins Memorial Most Versatile Award
Ethan Jackson - Wrather Johnson Sportsmanship Award
Sean Burns - Bennie Cunningham Most Improved
Wesley Barker - Bobby Brown Unsung Hero
Riley Nichols - Gerald Cortner Character, Leadership and Scholarship
Scottie Lee - Varsity Coach's Award
Lawrence Haley - Coach Phil Tate "First Things First' Award
Ty Tinker - Lee's Laws Service Scout Offense Award
Chancelor Mayfield - Lee's Lawn Service Scout Defense Award
Omari Hunt - JV Best Defense
Naseem Jones - JV Best Offense

Jada Alston - Varsity Most Valuable Player
Madison Taylor - Varsity Coach's Award
Sophie Carnes - Varsity Most Improved
Anna Dunbar - JV Most Valuable Player
Hailey Franks - JV Most Improved

Kamryn Shipman - Lowest Scorer

Emma King - Women' Most Valuable Runner
Drake Ballard - Men's Most Valuable Runner

Bailey Phillips - Most Valuable Player
Anna Spurrier - Most Improved
Holland Leonhardt - Coach's Award
Brooke Cox - Leadership Award

Henry Keel - Varsity Best All Around
Dylan Maynard - Varsity Best Offense
Zach Baker - Varsity Best Defense
Charlie Tran - Varsity Player's Award
Adam King - JV Best Offense
Eli Fermaglich - JV Best Defense

Also recognized at the banquet were the student athletes named to Southwestern 2A fall sports All Conference teams.

Drake Ballard
Ben Bogle
Nathan Brown
Joshua Millspaw
Justin Tolbert
Catherine Carr
Flora Forster
Reagon Kasper
Emma King
Kaylee Thagard
Jake Alexander
Wesley Barker
Mario Brandon
Tanner Canterbury
Larry Dowdy
Tre Glenn
Ray Grier
Lawrence Haley
Nathan Hamilton
Ethan Jackson
Scottie Lee
Riley Nichols
David O'Hanlon
Matthew Robinson
Zach Baker
Henry Keel
Dylan Maynard
Davis Spencer
Charlie Tran
Brooke Cox
Sophie Hanafin
Holland Leonhardt
Bailey Phillips
Camryn Harris

Also recognized at the banquet were Southwestern 2A major award winners.
Kody Kubbs - Men's Cross Country Coach of the Year
Jake Alexander - Football Offensive Player of the Year
David O'Hanlon - Football Kicker of the Year
Adam Hodge - Football Coach of the Year
Zack Baker - Soccer Defensive Player of the Year
Bailey Phillips - Women's Tennis Player of the Year
Patsy Adolph - Women's Tennis Coach of the Year

Picture Identification

Major Award Winners
Back Row - L-R - Patsy Adolph - Southwestern 2A 2017 Women's Tennis Coach of the Year; Kody Kubbs - Southwestern 2A 2017 Men's Cross Country Coach of the Year; Adam Hodge - Southwestern 2A 2017 Football Coach of the Year

Front Row - L-R - Bailey Phillips - Southwestern 2A 2017 Women's Tennis Player of the Year; David O'Hanlon - Southwestern 2A 2017 Football Kicker of the Year; Jake Alexander - Southwestern 2A 2017 Football Offensive Player of the Year; Zack Baker - Southwestern 2A 2017 Men's Soccer Offensive Player of the Year

Women's Tennis
L-R Brooke Cox-Leadership Award; Holland Leonhardt-Coach's Award; Bailey Phillips-Most Valuable Player; Not Pictured - Anna Spurrier-Most Improved

Women's Golf
Josie Airhart - Coach's Award; Jordyn Scheitler - Most Valuable Player

Men's Soccer
Back Row-L-R - Henry Keel-Varsity Best All Around; Zack Baker-Varsity Best Defense; Davis Spencer-All Conference

Front Row-L-R - Dylan Maynard-Varsity Best Offense; Charlie Tran- Varsity Player's Award

Not Pictured- Adam King-JV Soccer Best Offense; Eli Fermaglich-JV Soccer Best Defense

Back Row - L-R - Jada Alston-Varsity Most Valuable Player; Sophie Carnes-Varsity Most Improved; Madison Taylor-Varsity Coach's Award

Front Row - L-R -Anna Dunbar-JV Most Valuable Player; Hailey Franks-JV Most Improved Improved
Back Row - L-R -Lawrence Haley-Varsity "First Things First" Award; Matthew Robinson - Varsity Co-Best Defense; Jake Alexander - Varsity Breeland Most Valuable Player; Nathan Hamilton - Varsity Co-Best Defense; Larry Dowdy - Varsity Best Blocker and AP All State; Ethan Jackson - Varsity Sportsmanship Award

Front Row - L-R - Scottie Lee - Varsity Coach's Award; Sean Burns - Varsity Most Improved; Riley Nichols - Cortner Character, Leadership and Scholarship Award; Ty Tinker - Varsity Scout Offense Award; Chancelor Mayfield - Varsity Scout Defense Award; Wesley Barker - Bobby Brown Unsung Hero

Not Pictured - Ray Grier - Varsity Most Versatile Awrd; Omari Hunt - JV Best Defense; Naseem Jones - JV Best Offense